the image of music and sound      

This website contains the multimedia portfolio of Alan Boothman DPAGB, AFIAP, including still Images, HD videos of live music performances recorded mostly in South Devon UK, original audio performances using midi keyboard controlled virtual instruments together with 3D animations, and more traditional Audio - Visual (AV) presentations, mixing those of competition standard with others created for personal interest.  Click on the thumbnails to select AV, Audio, or Video Sequence pages.


The Visiclef name is a follow-on from the days when my company "Clef Products" was active in the design and manufacture of electronic musical instruments, including pianos, synthesizers, and computer controlled digitally generated virtual instruments, notably the early eighties Clef Bandbox and Clef Computer Music System (CMS).

Following retirement, after a career in electronics at Ferranti and Nortel, my main creative activities have evolved around photographic club activities in the South West of England, specialising in digital Audio-Visual compositions for which I gained my DPAGB qualification.  Retirement also gave time to support a lifetime ambition of extending my music playing capabilities beyond tenor saxophone to include keyboard control of computer generated sound.

PhotoClub Scorer

enables Photographers to score images over WiFi from their Android devices.  The Android App is now provided in the free download package.  The iOS version was discontinued  due to various unacceptable

commercial and technical impositions by Apple.  The system is offered FREE OF CHARGE for unsupported experimental use by any photographic club.