PhotoClub Scorer Overview of the Features and Procedures

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o   A complete image scoring suite for club members and individuals 

o   Score Pad Apps on IOS and Android Devices

o   Competition control from Windows Remote Application


o   A judge scoring system, expandable to all club members

o   Score projected images or prints when presented individually

o   Score multiple prints displayed in categories around the room


o   Up to four Score pads with flexible values

o   Twelve pad option, scoring nine to twenty

o   Output scores to Excel or Image presentation software

o   Collect and sum scores on device, or send to a Remote

o   Connect to existing WiFi, or a Hotspot on the club laptop



o   Download the free Windows Remote Application from

o   Download PhotoClub Scorer Apps from the App Store and Google Play

o   Install Remote controller software on the club PC / Laptop

o   Expand the system to all club members, by adding a wireless router



o   Use one IOS or Android tablet or phone as a scoring device for each judge

o   Log the devices onto WiFi, or club PC Hotspot

o   Set up to four Key Pad values, (e.g. 2345) or 12 pads with values 9 to 20

o   When judges also have entries, enter a list of image authors to ignore self scoring

o   For inter-club competitions, with club representative judges, use the club identity to ignore self scoring

o   Set links to Excel or competition presentation software if required.

o   Let all your members be judges by adding their own IOS or Android tablets or phones to the system.



o   Ask members with phones or tablets to download the IOS or Android App

o   Results for Members using a paper form entry are also uploaded by IOS / Android owners

o   Distribute prints around the room, for viewing, arranged in up to six categories / subjects / sections

o   Use the Android App to record Entrant ID for each entry at the door

o   Scores entered on the devices go direct to the Windows application on the club laptop

o   Final results are instantly available on the laptop.