PhotoClub Scorer at Newton Abbot Photographic Club


PhotoClub Scorer enables Android mobile phones and tablets to provide scoring inputs, sent over WiFi, to be transferred in real time to a Windows laptop.  The PhotoClub Scorer software has been developed by Alan Boothman, who has been the Competition Secretary, and technical organiser of the South Devon International Salon, for Newton Abbot Photographic Club, in Devon UK, for many years.  Any form of image presentation software can be used to progress the images, and the raw results can be further displayed in Excel.  PhotoClub Scorer transfers scores directly into either Excel or DiCentra from Wilbur Imaging.

A free download, of a Windows application from my website,, together with the PhotoClub Scorer Android app, provides clubs with a system to support mult-judge scoring, with the potential to expand to scoring by all their members as ownership of mobiles grows in the future.

The main features of PhotoClub Scorer include the following:-

·         Scoring competitions with any number of judges, expandable to all club members

·         Up to four programmable keypads, e.g. 2345 or 123, plus configurations with up to twelve pads, e.g. 9-20, 1-10, or other variants including a Half Point pad

·         Ignoring self scoring by internal judges or members with entries in the competition

·         Applicable to PDI or Print competitions, of Club or inter-Club type

·         Supports sequential single image scoring and free time multi-image, multi-category, scoring

·         Connects to existing Wi-Fi or a Hotspot created by attaching a wireless router to the club laptop

Use of PhotoClub Scorer at Newton Abbot started in 2015.  We use the application in conjunction with Excel spreadsheet templates, which are available in a DemoPack, or with DiCentra.  The applications operate on the same desktop screen, with image scoring / image navigation driven from buttons in PhotoClub Scorer.

We run an Images of the Year competition, for both prints and PDI, making this special by using more than one judge.  Often we use our own members, but, as our old electronic scoring system could not block self scoring, we did not allow our “judges” to enter.  Since PhotoClub Scorer removes self-scoring, they can now enter the competition.  This will be extended, in the future, to as many members as we wish, when all club members are likely to own smart devices.

We have used PhotoClub Scorer in a local four club inter-club annual battle, where each club provides one judge for the panel.  We have the choice of setting the score pads to many alternative values, but choose the Salon scoring range of 2, 3, 4, 5 points from each scorer.  Self-scoring, by club representatives, is again ignored, and the collected scores have been processed in either Excel or DiCentra on different occasions.

Over the years, we have run a number of different types of competition, at Newton Abbot Photographic Club, where prints have been displayed around the room, often in multi-categories, and the members score the work that we enter.  In all cases, the major problem used to be speedy calculation of the results, within the time available on a club evening.

Using a screen matrix in PhotoClub Scorer, members with devices are now able to record their scores, in free time, as they walk around the room, sending them directly to our club laptop, and others, who do not have a device, use paper scoring sheets which are then transferred by those using devices.  The result is then instantly available on the club laptop.

Competition preparation is minimal, since the print entries, (unknown until the night), are recorded at the door using the PhotoClub Scorer android app.

The ownership of mobile devices is becoming increasingly universal, so now is the time to give your club members the opportunity to score their fellow members work, by adding PhotoClub Scorer to your club laptop.