PhotoClub Scorer - Information for Scorers

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PhotoClub Scorer enables Photographers to score images from their Android or IOS Phone or Tablet devices.  Scoring can be recorded locally, or remotely through a WiFi system, or simple club private hotspot.

SINGLE SCORING means that each image is scored by all participants at the same time. 

MULTI SCORING  means that a batch of images can be scored in any order by all participants.   

Participants may or may not have entries themselves, but scoring of their own entries is automatically excluded. 

AN EXAMPLE OF Multi Scoring is a  print competition, where entrants may enter say three categories within a total choice of up to six (A, B, C, D, E, F).  Prints are distributed around the club room for viewing. 

Scoring is carried out by each club member, in a matrix for one category as shown below, using the Multi Scoring Screen of their App,.  The red crosses indicate where scoring is blocked, either because there is no entry, or this is the entrant’s (author’s) own entry.  Tapping an image number turns the cell red.  After scoring, the cell turns blue. 

Scoring changes can be made at any time.  The obscured image numbering can be checked by tapping IMAGE, whilst MIX restores scores and image numbers where unscored.  CATEGORY changes can be made at any time.  



Member scores are sent to a Remote from the RESULTS screen, at any time during the duration of the competition.  This details scores, sorted in image or score order, showing how many images remain unscored on the device, and how many scores are still to be sent to the Remote. 

The most convenient timing would be when the Scorer moves from one category to the next, but it does not matter whether a category has been fully completed, as it will simply update on the next SEND.  When Unsent Scores shows zero, all scoring is completed and recorded.

AN EXAMPLE OF a Single Scoring competition is a PDI (projected) or print internal club competition where the images are presented to the audience one at a time.  The organiser has freedom to set the score key values, the example Screen on the right is shown with the common scoring range of 9 to 20 points.  Members are identified by their three digit personal club ID, (or club reference number for Inter-Club competitions), to ignore self-scoring.  Scores can be changed up to the point where the image moves on.




Using similar screens to the above, local scoring is also available for personal use on the same device.  Both Single and MultiCompetitions can be set up with User chosen Key Values, (0000 for 9-20), number of Entrants, and number of Categories. 

Winning entries can be sorted using ORDER on the Results Screen.

Scrolling through UP and IMAGE DN moves through the image numbers for scoring.

RESULTS shows a screen where the scores are tabulated against image number.  Either Image or Score Order can be chosen from ORDER.

This screen is also used to set up competition parameters for key pads and number of entries.


All scores, from a mix of Android and IOS devices, are sent over WiFi to a remote system which records and displays the accumulated results.  This functionality is provided by the Windows application, and is described in the relevant documents.