Members / Inter-Club Competition

PhotoClub Scorer Step by Step

The “PCS ScoreSheet” .xls  Excel workbook template is provided, in the Demo Kit, to give a user friendly interface whilst using PhotoClub Scorer to run either of two forms of print or PDI competition, commonly held in photographic clubs.  The first of these is a Members Competition, where judges may be invited from outside, or be chosen from the club members, who may also have entries in the competition.  The second is an Inter-Club competition, where each competing club provides one of their members as a judge.  With PhotoClub Scorer, the scoring of a Members Competition can be extended to as many of the members who have the application installed on their mobile devices.

The template consists of a workbook with two sheets.  The first asks you to enter the details for the ordered list of images.  The example shown is set up for an Inter-Club competition, so the Club names have been entered, and the CLUB ID refers to the ID of the scorer for each club (1 to 6 max).  The list of IDs in column G is copied and pasted into a Notebook .txt file and saved as the ”Author-Order” text file mentioned in the detailed procedure below.


The second is the main Scoring sheet.  Clicking RECALCULATE ALL loads the competition data from the first sheet, and will always show the scores in image order.  There are buttons to SHOW IMAGE SCORES DESCENDING, SHOW AUTHOR TOTALS DESCENDING, (CLUB TOTALS when Inter-Club mode), and HIDE / SHOW author names.

When the WorkSheet is viewed full screen, the PhotoClub Scorer Remote application window sits on top of the sheet by ticking “Always on Top”.  Place the cursor in the first scoring cell at the top of the first scoring column, (column D), and, when STOP SCORING is clicked, the score will be entered in that cell, and the cursor moves one cell down the column.  This continues until all images are scored.  The sheet has capacity for 120 images.


After setting up the Wireless Router, the Windows Remote application, and the Mobile apps, the pre-loaded Excel spreadsheet is launched full screen, and the PhotoClub Scorer Remote positioned on top of the spreadsheet.  Using the inbuilt “SendKey” function, scores from PhotoClub Scorer are placed in the cell addressed by the cursor on the spreadsheet.

1.       Show the first print, or show a digital image from a separate projection system.

2.       Tap SCORE NEXT on the stand alone PhotoClub Scorer PC

3.       STOP SCORING when all scorers show scores – right screen shows all scorers, left screen only valid scores

4.       Show the second image /or print, then tap SCORE NEXT and repeat (3) etc.

Image Up and Down can be used to review a score, followed by SCORE IMAGE – STOP SCORING

5.       When all images have been scored, Click Image Scores / Image, or ID Order / ID Score to show results

SCORE NEXT – Monitor the Mobile Scoring activity

When SCORE NEXT is tapped, a blank area appears, on the right of the PhotoClub Scorer Remote user interface, which shows the score inputs from the mobiles as they arrive.  These are shown in a list, which progresses left to right, then next row,  where an individual Score input is shown as “Score n – ClubID / Device ID:”  This allows the operator to see when all active Scorers (ClubIDs) have provided an input.  If Scorers change their input during this period, their last input will over-ride their previous input.

Simultaneously, numbers will appear on the left of the user interface window, showing the image being scored, the processed score, and the number of Scorers providing inputs to calculate the processed score.  The input of the Scorer matching the author of the image, (known from the ”Author-Order text file”) will be ignored, so “Scorers” on the left, (valid Scorers), will be one less than those seen on the right.

The processed Score is derived from the average score, (accumulated total divided by “valid Scorers”), multiplied by the Notional scorers (NS) wanted for comparison and presentation.  Consequently, when many club members are scoring, it is perfectly acceptable if a few members do not score on a particular image, as their missing scores will be replaced by averages from the other members. 

Where NS gets useful is when more “judges” are used, yet the compared scoring range remains say 6 to 15, and the additional scorers provide more accuracy of differentiation between images.  To reflect this accuracy a Decimal Point (DP=1) can be introduced.  Also the NS can be raised to 6 maximum, giving a range of 12 to 30 points, irrespective of the number of Scorers.  In a full club scenario there may be 50 Scorers producing a refined average result per image between 12.0 and 30.0.

STOP SCORING – Monitoring the overall results

When all the required Scorers (ClubIDs) have provided an input, STOP SCORING can be tapped, and then the score will be recorded for that image, and can be read out to the audience. 

When STOP SCORING is tapped, a table appears, on the right of the PhotoClub Scorer Remote user interface, which shows the current standing of the processed scores.  These are shown in a list, which progresses left to right, then next row,  where the results are shown as “image number-score:”

A number of “Show Results By” buttons are available on the left of the user interface window. 

A button “Img Scores” re-orders the table to give “image number-score:” in descending score order, showing the best scoring image number at the top.  “Image” returns to the scores in image order.


The button “ID Scores” re-orders the table to give “entrant ID-score:” in descending score order, showing the ranking, with the best author or club at the top, and the accumulated score for all that author or club’s images.  “ID Order” returns to the scores in Entrant order.


These “readouts” also give all the information required to announce the competition result, at the end, when the spreadsheet template is not being used.