AUDIO - VISUAL  The material presented is a mix of Competition Standard AVs, and those produced purely for personal interest.  An early 2002 project is entitled "In Search of the Blues" and can still be accessed from the audio-visual page.  This was primarily based on still pictures and live audio captured on early pocket digital cameras, and was recorded on numerous visits along the trail of Chicago, St Louis, Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans. Oval Racing in the USA is also a recurrent theme.

The more recent AVs were created in PicturesToExe, and have then been converted to mp4 for playing, at reduced quality, via vimeo or YouTube.  Many of these have been entered in regional, national, and international festivals.  Some have been successful in gaining various awards.

IN SEARCH OF THE BLUES 2017  A rebuild of the material obtained in the early "naughties", updated with more recent performances  Duration 9 mins 55 secs.

THE OXFORD DETECTIVES  Author, Colin Dexter, created the fictional detective to be known as Morse.  All the action was based in and around the city of Oxford, and the books led to a trio of very successful TV series.  The photography includes many of the locations used, whilst the soundtrack mixes classical music, from the series, with commentary regarding the characters and their activities.  Duration 8 mins 20 secs.

CAROLINE DIGBY - PRATTE  An AV interpretation of the comedy song, Caroline Diggeby-Pratte, by performer Jake Thackray.  Duration 3 mins 06 secs.

CONNECTING  A montage of musicians and their music.  A blend of images of musicians, showing their common expression of desire to connect with their audience in many venues, both intimate and in concert.  The musicians are shown to a sound montage, a seamless music track of individual instrumental and vocal clips and phrases, to a single composition.  Duration 6 mins 05 secs.

NOVAK's YEAR  The year is 2011, when four players became dominant in men’s tennis. However, the season opened with a win for Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open,
followed by a record breaking run of 43 matches, and wins at Wimbledon and the US Open. The season is shown in this audio-visual presentation using still images and video at the key events.  Duration 9 mins 25 secs.

SEARCHING  Searching for something – but where am I going? – memories - eternal peace of mind.  Duration 5 mins 55 secs.

EIGHT SECONDS  A portrayal of the attitudes of rodeo bull riders, and the accompanying action.  Opens with the pageantry as depicted in a mural in a Texas rodeo town, and the usual horse drawn parade. The fictional riders express their thoughts.  Cody Lee West follows a family tradition of bull riding, whilst Todd Wilson and Scott Young talk of the excitement and danger that attracts them during the eight seconds they try to stay mounted.  Duration 6 mins 31 secs.

DREAMING  A creative AV, of the mind. “I sit for hours, in a chair inside my head”.  Merging my past with a fantasy, to the words and the scenery of Lorna Doone.  Experiencing change, whilst dreaming things as they were. Wishing for a nightmare that is better than my reality. “A lie is more real, than the truth of my life.  Duration 8 mins 00 secs.

SONGBIRD  An AV created from shots of a singer and band at the Salcombe music festival, to the music of Eva Cassidy.   Duration 3 mins 21 secs.

THE ART OF AV  An introduction to the content and making of Audio Visual Presentations by Alan Boothman DPAGB (AV), AFIAP.  Duration 4 mins 56 secs.

THE ART OF AV - AUDIO  A short Audio-Visual with some hints on audio preparation for AV sequences.  Duration 2 mins 58 secs.

IN SEARCH OF THE BLUES  Dating back  to the early "naughties", these were my earliest AVs,  intended to capture some of the atmosphere associated with the live performance of Electric Blues music and other creative genres, recorded in many Bars and Clubs in the USA, travelling a number of times to cities between Chicago and New Orleans.  The material obtained comprises still Images, taken on an early Canon PowerShot S30 Digital pocket Camera, plus a small number of Video Clips, and live Audio Clips taken with the same camera.  This was pre - P2E / ProShow, giving low resolution, but the live sound throughout gives me reason to retain the project.

RACING THE OVAL  Another early AV, but now using P2E, which attempts to convey the atmosphere of Nascar motor racing.